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Originally Posted by treerootCO View Post
Find one that you can mount and un-mount by yourself. That should rule out most of 'em
Is there such a thing???

I have Camping lab which I think comes from the same manufacturer that makes Mombasa RTTs . Christo probably knows a ton about RTTs, I think many are made in South Africa.

Fernando is the owner of Camping Lab and is based out of Florida. He is a good guy and is from South Africa.

Mine has the plastic base vs marine grade plywood like EZ awn. I would agree EzAwn are probably best quality but I have had mine since 2009 and it has held up very well. I keep it in the garage and only install when I am going to use it. So I am happy with my $850.00 purchase.

Wife helps me lift it on the truck. Takes 20 mins to tighten.

The kids love the sleeping pad and it is actually warmer then a standard tent, I guess the canvas is heavier duty. I took the rain fly off, cause when it is windy, it is noisy.. The canvas is water resistant and never has leaked.

I have the smaller size of the Camping Lab. If I had to do it all over again, I might buy the bigger size. As it is now, wife and 2 kids fit well up there but I sleep in the truck. Not much different than at home..

If I could pic a favorite RTT and money was no bother, it would be the style Iggy has. Light weight and more arrow dynamic but those are like 3k.

Finally I would say buy one used. I bet it would have less than 10 uses, if you could find one slightly used. Then you could save bundles....
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