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Default I want to upgrade Alternator - I have 2 thoughts, need opinions

I still have a stock output alternator on my 60. with all junk I now run (2 hams, CB, FM/CD, Fridge, lights, etc. It's time to upgrade. When I idle at night with the lights dual batteries 'de-link' due to lower voltage.

Option 1:
Vanatta's in boulder is ready and able to build me an alternator - he sourced a case and can wind/build one to higher specs. it would be essentially a Toyota style alternator using the same bracket. I would then keep the one I have now as a backup.

Option 2:
look into a GM style alternator to give me the flexibility to go to any Napa, AutoZone, or similar for a replacement in the event it goes south on me. On the Outlaws run this year, we had a rig lose the Alt and had to drive hours to get a replacement...the local Napa might have had an AC Delco or something(?)

What do you guys think? (I don't necessarily want to go Mean Green if I can do it cheaper).

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