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Default good question

Originally Posted by nakman View Post
What else would you need to modify to run a GM style? New bracket? Different belt? Metric to English voltage converter? Just curious what was preventing you on the Outlaw's run from just going to Napa.

I kinda like option1 though, reminded me of reading Kraig's "frankenator" story in the bios.
we needed an 80 series alternator and the only one around was in Price. (mine didn't crap out). That's what got me thinking about something more common.

I'm still researching what it'll take...I assume bracket is avail from a handful of folks (Georg, marks)? the right pulley and wiring it correctly (should be a no brainer) the thing that's killing me is the metric to english converter ;-)

Hey Chris...I don't know how to weld (yet), but that alternator's got me really thinking!! any idea what it would take to install on the 2F? my 60 ain't too different that your old 40. *wait...did you V8 that??
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