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Yeah, I can't believe it made it. on a fuel injected vehicle also...

Three group 31's in parallel and it made it all the way from Slickrock, to Denver to drop Perry off, then back to Boulder.

So I'll get my flame suit on, but I think I'd suggest a GM alternator.... It *might* be easier to find one at a random NAPA than a toyota alternator. BUT.. I was in Summit County and needed a starter for my 60 (GM 5.3) a year or so ago and it had to be shipped from Denver. It was impossible to push start the thing in -20 temps. So then again it may not be easier to get a GM Vehicle replacement part... I dunno..

That'd be the only reason though..

I mean there isn't anything preventing you from replacing a hopped up stock Toyota alternator with another stock Toyota one from a NAPA right?

That probably didn't help at all..
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