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Lots of good stuff on here. I appreciate the feedback. I thought I had my mind made up that I was getting one. I still think I would use it enough. The ARB like Romer has goes for about $900 on CL once in a while. The Maggi is top $ for sure, but seems like the easiest setup. Now I'm not sure what to do. Here's the article Nakman referenced from Kurt Williams.
EDIT: Same story Romer posted.

I had been thinking I'd at least like one for the Kokopelli trip. But, there's really not much downside to just sleeping in the back of the truck either. (Except maybe ventilation) OTOH, the kids would be psyched to sleep up top on our local overnighters. Seems like half of you like them, the other half don't. Do those of you who have them feel like you use it enough? Or, is it too much of a hassle? Damn Nakman and his "Post it on the RS forum" pep talk....... Way to douse the flames on my slumber in the sky.

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