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Edit: before I had a kid...

I have an ARB Simpson II, the older model that Romer and Kurt have. I really like it. I lived out of my FJ60 a few summers ago and the RTT was great. I like that it doesn't get filthy when it rains or snows from mud on the ground. It has a mattress. I could fill my rig with gear and not have to worry about making room to sleep in it. I CAN put it on and take it off myself with some ingenuity. Going up and down the ladder is easier for me than crawling around on my knees to get in and out of a small tent and the RTT is a lot more wind/weather stable than a giant ground tent. Since selling my FJ60 I have built a rack on my Hilux and mounted it to my bed rails. It's great. Even easier to put on and off, easier to get in and out of. I just miss the enclosed FJ60 cab for my gear. I wish I could mount it on my FJ40 because I enjoy driving the 40 most. Someday I'll sell everything, buy an FJ45 Troopy (or maybe another FJ60) and mount a RTT on it.

Now that I have a kid I just don't wheel or camp anymore.

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