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I started with the Jayco Pop-up. Was the offroad version, but the partricle board interior would need some repairing ocassionally. Truth be told with a young family, its the right approach. Kids get bored. Sitting at the kitchen table coloring or watching a movie really helps with family trips. I sold it when the girls grew up and went to college/moved out.

I used an RTT (Oasis II) when Rachel and I went on the Rubicon in 2008. Being an adult then it wasnt too bad for the two of us.

I got the AT Horizon, wasnt for me and a bit cramped when Rachel came along. Sold that before a year was up

Really like the Kimberley. Queen bed for two and the floor is the same size and can sleep two more inside with heat if needed. Mostly just me these days and it sets up pretty quick and is comfortable for me.

I bought the RTT because I was told I could not take the Kimberely on the Maze. There was really only one spot it would have been a challenge. The RTT was pretty good and I wouldnt hesitate to take it on a trip for just me in the tent on an expedition run with the group

With a young family, the RTT would be difficult as a regular camping rig. Maybe OK for the ocassional. Great when you go with the club on an expedition run that doesnt work for a camper.

In all honesty, for a family camping rig, I would look to a pop-up. It will be a lot easier with a family as a regular camper. The RTT may work for the one trail run now and then, but it will be cramped.

What I am saying is you should figure out how to get a camper with some offroad capability and either tent camp of get a inexpensive RTT for those solo camping trips.

A Popup is much better with kids and you can get a used Jayco Baja or Evolution fairly inexpensive. When they are happy you get to be happy
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