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I've had my 80 come off my high lift twice. Both times in the driveway while rotating tires

First instance I used my slider to lift the vehicle. It was winter and the base of the jack slid out as I went to grab the impact. I went outward and the top of the jack put my first dent in the side of my 80. Would have been much worse had the tire been off the truck.

The second time I used the eye on the front of the ARB to lift from using Slee's accessory tool. The truck leaned out and the front rotor hit the ground. I only had damage to the dust shield as I have a gravel driveway.

I'm lucky both times. I know use a 3.5ton dolly jack to rotate tires. Its a better tool for the job. But I would never leave my hi-lift behind on the trail. Its just too versatile of a tool. However commands respect. I want to add an X-Jack to my kit when money allows. I much prefer that for tire changes on the trail.
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