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Originally Posted by farnhamstj View Post
radflow. That looks even more dangerous due to it's short length. just sayin'
I've never seen one operate, but just from the looks of it, you could easily eliminate one of the two risks with a hi-lift. I have seen handles wack people as often as seeing a lifted truck tip over on a hi-lift. The native rad-flo doesn't have a handle that will wack you, and you aren't swaying it every time you pump for a little more height as you would on a hi-lift.

The other risk....dunno. Maybe since the radflo body isn't a traveler, you could have a mount that grabs that cylinder in two points to keep it more steady. Just thinking out loud. I don't think it's a solve-all for sure, but I like some aspects of the design.

However, it's been around for 3 years, and I've never seen one. There must be something about it (cost?) that keeps it off the trail.
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