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Default Do I get credit for the first 'broken bone' reply?

I have used Hi-Lifts extensively through the years for fencepost pulling, ranching, car repair, etc., but all it takes is a moment's inattention.....

I was winching an old Chevy Blazer chassis onto a car hauler with my FJ40. The rear end of the Blazer was wider than the car hauler, and I had to pick up and move the tail end of the Blazer over about 6" to get it better aligned and on the trailer side rail. I jacked up the rear-center of the Blazer chassis with the Hi-Lift and tried to shift the whole mess over. Somehow, my gloved pinky got caught between the jack and the back frame member of the Blazer. It hurt - a lot - but I continued for 45 min. (I was alone) and got it realigned and fully loaded. I hitched up the trailer to the FJ40 and drove it home, and my wife determined that if your pinky is wandering off in a direction other than straight, it's probably broken. The doctor said 'most people just do a hairline crack - you broke it all the way through'. To his credit, he got the bone (now a 2-piece unit) aligned and it healed perfectly. I still use my Hi-Lift, but give it even more respect.
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