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just got mine. First one so the next will be telling. I asked a question and they replied, so here it is (I have not yet heard on my follow-up question:

Hi Amanda,

A super-slow coolant loss was found and resolved in two external leaks (a hose clamp and a overflow bottle cap) the level is now stable for several weeks and we highly doubt internal coolant contamination. After the rebuild I ran Valvoline Premium Conventional SAE 5W-30 for the first 1,000 miles and then switched to the Mobil 1. I do not know what oil was used in the block before my rebuild and since we did not touch the bottom end, it could be additive from prior oils.

As for the metals, my rebuilder, who specializes in Land Cruisers wrote: "I am wondering if they could of mixed this up with some one else, copper is not used in the bearings, none of the rods or mains. Even the one in the block for the oil pump is aluminum and not brass. Curious that is. I would opt to wait for the next sample to see what is up."

I did several 4x4 trips to Utah and there was plenty of dust.

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Thanks for the question. It's because of the presence of sodium in your report. Sodium is a marker for antifreeze, though it can also be additive in certain oils. Mobil 1 doesn't use sodium, so if you've been using that oil for a long time, then the sodium could be coolant. If you've recently changed oils, then the sodium could be additive. Since this is just one sample, and we're not sure what was used in this engine in the past, we put a question mark in the coolant place. We should know better next time.

Amanda Callahan
Blackstone Laboratories

At 06:54 AM 2/12/2013, you wrote:
>Thank you. Can you tell me why there is a question mark for antifreeze?
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