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Default Looking for a 12VDC power supply

Basically I'm looking for a power suppply that will convert 12ish VAC to a clean 12VDC.

The back story is that it is for a motorcycle that does not have a battery. It is my understanding that the battery provides a substantial buffer that smooths out the DC coming out of the voltage regulator. My friend has a two stoke moto with no battery and no electric start so it has no DC wiring at all. He has added a Trail Tech Voyager speedometer/GPS that needs power to charge it's internal battery. The Voyager unit can accept AC or DC over a pretty wide range - sort of. The voltage regulator circuit in the Voyager has now failed twice. It has been replaced under warantee but they are now saying that they have seen this problem "on some bikes" and rec' charging the unit with a 120VAC plug in wall wort before using it.

I figure that adding a small power supply to the bike so that the Voyager unit receives a cleaned up signal should solve the problem. I know there are several ways to get there: A large capacitor across the AC signal should help. A bridge rectifier with a small cap would likely work too, but is there a durable compact, off the shelf packaged supply that includes a volatage regulator? 500mA should be more than enough, heck 100mA might do it.
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