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Just stumbled on this thread.....glad to see someone figured it out. I'm impressed by the shipping containers and packaging, as most of the stuff that I saw on previous efforts was lame. The soft top saga goes way back, with a pretty sour history of people taking money and disappearing.... I had a really nice set of factory bows that I loaned to a guy in NC to build tops and bows. He took a bunch of money, then got "sick" and stopped responding to any calls or emails. After 4 months of no response, we went down and took my crap back. I wound up selling those bows to Marshal in SC, as I think he was going to give production a run as well, and I was just fed up with the whole thing.

Long history that's not important to you, other than I applaud your efforts at actually getting something done! I'm not sure if I'm in the market for a "factory" soft top anymore, but I would be interested in fitting one to see how it looks and operates.

On a side note, you mentioned you are in logistics and int'l production/customs. I have a client that could use some help there. We should chat off line....PM me your number.

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