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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post

Need a volunteer for another test fitting session? I'm curious if the bows will remedy the figment problem on my 40.
Originally Posted by Crash View Post
Martin, I think it's just a fitment of your imagination that you have a problem.
Something is definitely weird with my bows (and maybe my mind ). The frame portion around my doors comes to a serious acute angle and the doors are riding really low and contact the windshield and the rockers. They also do not stay closed. These are factory bows and doors too, so not sure what's happening. I'm wondering if the Pakistan bows would be better (my old set fit great without these issues).

Originally Posted by gr8fulabe View Post
Hey Martin,

Yeah actually that would be great! I assume these will fit any 40, but you never know until you throw a few on to find out.

Great Abe, lets set up a time. If we could get someone else with a 40 to come up, all the better. (I could also use some help re-installing my hard top, so anyone who volunteers can earn )

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