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I've got several sets of bows here at the house right now (mostly OEM, but also two aftermarket, OEM Replica sets). The big problem for me at the moment, is the Troopy brakes are leaking for some reason & super soft, and mt 62 has front axle/death wobble issues. So it is going to be a little while before I can drive anything up to Evergreen at this point for test fitting. But, I'd love to bring a bunch of stuff up as soon as I get things running for highway speed again. OR, anyone that wants to is welcome to come here to do some testing. @ Martin - Aren't your bows Paki bows already? I thought they had a rear soft amby door bow set up on them???
As soon as possible though, I'd love to do a 40 soft top day type of thing, with anyone that is interested. Maybe in conjunction with the delayed 40's only run???
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