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Originally Posted by rutbeer View Post
Just stumbled on this thread.....glad to see someone figured it out. I'm impressed by the shipping containers and packaging, as most of the stuff that I saw on previous efforts was lame. The soft top saga goes way back, with a pretty sour history of people taking money and disappearing.... I had a really nice set of factory bows that I loaned to a guy in NC to build tops and bows. He took a bunch of money, then got "sick" and stopped responding to any calls or emails. After 4 months of no response, we went down and took my crap back. I wound up selling those bows to Marshal in SC, as I think he was going to give production a run as well, and I was just fed up with the whole thing.

Long history that's not important to you, other than I applaud your efforts at actually getting something done! I'm not sure if I'm in the market for a "factory" soft top anymore, but I would be interested in fitting one to see how it looks and operates.


Hey Barry,
Funny you mention the above stores. One of the things Erica & I decided when we figured we'd give it a shot, was that we would have to put money down up front & not charge anyone if we don't have a product in hand to ship out. Precisely because a lot of people have been screwed over the years on a, "deposit" basis. But I can say that I can see why people want money up front. It has been hard to come up with the needed money up front, & keep putting cash away f or this project, instead of getting cars fixed, and splurging on fun & such. But hopefully it will soon be able to sustain itself & that won't be a problem in the future. As with the others, I'd love to hookup & do some test fitting on your truck. I've always wanted to get a chance to check it out anyway, what with the 13bt & cable lockers & all that. Pretty badass I'm assuming....

I' send you a pm with my number & e-mail, and we'll see if we can help your client.
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