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Default Red Line is moving...!!

Redline is moving to a new location in an attempt to capture more business. If you have been to our old shop you know that we have been cramped for the last three years. Our production has been limited to one small fab area and only two bays.

Redline will be going from 1500 sq ft. to a little over 5000 sq ft. of shop space. What this means is we will have more room for parts, clean assembly area, much larger fab area, and most of all a lot more room for vehicles to be worked on.

In addition to the larger shop space Redline’s new website will begin to sell parts in addition to our fab work. Our new space will also have an office with our folks standing by the phones ready to field tech questions and take orders. Look out for our grand opening which will be scheduled in early April. (Exact date TBD, check back soon!)
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