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Originally Posted by bh4rnnr View Post
Imho, the Maggiolina would be the ones to avoid. Pocking a hole through the shell would be expensive. Eazi-Awn, and ARB (others as well i'm sure) have heavy duty canvas covers for the tents. Plus, the tents are folded up in storage while traveling. Main parts of the tent are protected by the base.
Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
The cover on my ARB is (or is very similar to) Hypalon. It's really pretty tough stuff. The zipper on the cover failed long before the cover and I procured and purchased a new cover (with improved zipper) from Kurt easily and for a reasonable price. I'm sure the maggiolina would be tougher, but for the extra cost, I can replace my cover a few times, but I doubt I'll ever have to again.
Good points. It's probably gonna come down to anything decent that pops up for sale on CL..... with a price that's close to what I have in my spending pocket that day.
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