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Here's the post from Jeremiah over on Mud.

Originally Posted by Grease Cruiser View Post
First of all this is Jeremiah Proffitt, not John (Grease Cruiser) John was kind enough to let me use his account, as for some reason, I can't register under my own name.

As some of you may know, I have never been much of a "board ranger" and seldom post on Ih8mud or any forum. I was informed (by many people) of this thread and I can't stand to let the speculation, bashing, and ill will go on any more.

I'm here to set the record straight. The decline and fall of Proffitt's Cruisers was my fault.

When I decided to team up with Greg Miller and LHM in 2010, Proffitt's was at it's pinnacle. We were at the top of our game, building arguably the nicest, most sano Land Cruisers found anywhere. We had a dynamic staff of loyal Cruiserheads that cared deeply about what we were doing. The quality of our work was such that the demand for it was way more than we could handle. I had a very difficult time turning down projects and we were definitely overbooked. It was for this reason that I sold to LHM. The resources that they could provide would allow me to grow Proffitt's quickly in order to handle our booming business.

The good people at LHM were very helpful in trying to transition Proffitt's to our new environment. Greg's love for Land Cruisers permeated the organization and the support was overwhelming. Despite all of this, I quickly found myself in very unfamiliar territory. Working in this very sudden change of circumstances was different and I didn't adjust quickly enough. That led to me simply missing some important calls. I made some decisions that I shouldn't have, and I didn't make some decisions that I should have. We tried to correct, but things were moving too quickly.

Not everything in this endeavor was wasted. Developing the Utah shop generated some very solid new talent for the Cruiser world. The team of techs and support staff there as well as in the Colorado shop is still second to none. I hope that they all have the opportunity to contribute to the Land Cruiser community for years to come. None of them deserve the lashings that they are taking on this forum and elsewhere. If you must blame, lay the blame on me.

Thanks to all of you have reached out to me during this tumultuous time period. Your comments and support mean a lot to me.

Jeremiah Proffitt
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Originally Posted by nakman
the club voted to not tell Matt Farr what happened at the meeting.
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