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Remington Model 700 in 30-06 is a great all around gun. I prefer the rifles with wood(CDL) or fiberglass stocks (XCR tactical). (I am not a fan of the new plastic stock versions).
308 Winchester is also another pretty universal caliber. It is a bit on the light side if you are going for a trophy bull, but will work wonders on deer and cow elk.
If you can tolerate more recoil then 7mm, 300 win mag/ 300RUM or 338 Lapua/338 RUM are some of the better choices for Bull Elk. They of course all tend to be heavier rifles and have more recoil. Recoil can be a real turnoff and hinder good marksmanship training for beginners so try one of the bigger calibers before you just buy one. Also don't go cheap on the glass. Many people will spend a thousand bucks on a rifle and then put a 100 dollar scope on it. As a general rule the scope should cost as much or more than the rifle.
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