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Default i need to buy a dang truck...

arrg... this is something i'm both looking forward too and have been dreading.

it is time for me to begin the process of attempting to locate a used truck that i sort of like, and then purchase it for a reasonable price.

being somewhat new to the area (3 years) i'm not very familiar with what dealership or used cars lots would be worth my time to check out, thus far shopping has been limited to searching craigslist and autotrader, with mixed results. having just purchased a used welder via craigslist, i expect this to go about the same where i'll waste an incredible amount of time attempting to deal with sketchy people who hope they are going to turn a profit from a money pit...

actually... i think the whole truck thing is going to be a lot worse, which is why i would appreciate any varied advice you guys might have.

okay, i could elaborate on and on... but i should probably do some work and see if this discussion actually goes anywhere.
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