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1st gen Tundra's are nice, one of my buddies just bought one, and my neighbor just bought a brand new Tundra that is well, kind of dead sexy.

in my dream world, i'd find a black 7.3l f350 four door long bed 4x4, with a manual trans in pretty good condition for under $10,000, knowing that it might have some miles on it.

I'll concede that this might just be completely and totally unrealistic, but I did actually almost buy a white one that fit that criteria, and that particular truck may still be an option.

As for use... we already have three vehicles, this would be the forth and i work from home. so we don't intend to drive it very much, it will primarily be used for "truck stuff" or on occasions where the family runs off with all the other cars. given how much i drive my current car, i predict this would be around 4,000 miles/year.

"truck stuff": hauling away a crapload of yard waste, hauling in a crapload of dirt and rock, hauling around firewood, towing my heep and/or other future not that streetable vehicles that we might adopt, etc. buying lumber... transporting stuff like rototillers.

it might go on one or two big trips a year if we are willing to take the pocket book hit in fuel to haul stuff back and forth. moab or visiting family in michigan and texas. we would kind of like to go to KOH next year for example.
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