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thanks for the forum suggestion, i'm going to check that out.

yeah i did a double take on the excursion there. but... i think i really want something with an open bed that i can toss junk into at my convenience. i don't know about the distant future, but at least this coming summer its going to earn its keep and see a ton of use for yardwork duty.

the diesels have a certain appeal... i'll admit that i just kind of -want- one. but, i'll put out there that i am not married to the idea and acknowledge that it may be more trouble than its worth.

I did briefly own one of the v10 f250's, and would consider another. Uncle Ben seams to be pretty happy with his GMC, but i don't know much about those things, despite (or because of) my father still getting a pension from those guys i've just never been a big GM fan. I know a couple of guys with Tundra's, but neither of them have used it to haul a 4x4 in the mountains so i don't really know if its a good truck for that sort of thing.
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