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Originally Posted by Caribou Sandstorm View Post
Or maybe not...

We don't know all the facts about this situation.

It is possible that things are not what they seem on the surface.

I also just read the letter and I will say that yes Gregg Miller is a well off guy, with that comes a certain swagger rich guys have and maybe it influences how they go through life. However, the letter seemed very genuine to me and heart felt and gave me the sense that he bought it for his passion for Land Cruisers, tried to make a go at it, decided it was not going to work and is keeping on all employees in other capacities.

In my book that is as about as stand up as you can get in this dog eat dog capitalist world we live in.
Well, I dont believe I said anything about Greg not being a stand up guy at all. What I said was it was a succesful small business but when the big company tried to scale it up it didnt work. Thats a fact. Whether it was managed perfectly or mismanaged and who is responsible is immaterial, the fact is if it had been profitable at the scale they tried to grow it to it wouldn't have gone out of business.
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