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but you keep saying miller took a successful company and miller ruined it. truth is jeremiah bit off more than he could chew and that was the beginning of the fall. he's not the only one to do it...look at ocd tops, sror, bahktash, most any cruiser company that starts getting a huge reputation...they get in over their head, can't keep up and fail.

pc was stretched too thin, they were starting to piss off customers by not getting stuff done that they were supposed to and/or when they were supposed to, and they half assed some stuff to get it done. after miller bought them, jeremiah still was in charge and they continued to bring in work and promise it when they couldn't get it done.

i agree that jeremiah is a great guy, and i think that greg may not have given it a good enough chance, but greg had the backing to get jeremiah what he needed to get stuff done and he still couldn't. pc was successful when it was small, but it got out of control long before lhm came in.
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