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Fair point, but as I said before, if the only issue was over scheduling and being over committed, that should have been fixed once he released JP, put new supervisors in charge and added additional resources to get caught up.

IF YOU ARE MAKING A PROFIT and are simply behind on your commitments, you have excessive backlog, you dont close the doors and go out of business. I believe someone came to the realization that this was never going to scale up and be profitable, or at least be profitable at the level that would justify a business on this scale. The numbers didnt add up to support the business case. This would have happened whether LMH or any other large corporation had acquired them and tried the same approach.

I am not defending JP, it was probably a mess, but I believe it could have been sorted out eventually if it had stayed small.

I see this happen all the time when large corporations acquire smaller businesses that are succesful, then they manage them into failure. I wont name the names of those corporations but it should be obvious why I have first hand experience in this area
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