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I really like lever actions but haven't considered one since it didn't seem like there were many options for an elk/deer gun as far as calibers go, 30-30 and 45-70 but is there anything between that will do both? .32 win spcl, .35 rem, how easy is it find (rifle/ammo), and is it enough for elk? I hadn't looked closely at the BLR's but those could work. Looks like the prices for used are pretty fair too.

I like the Model 70 too, but seems like finding a lightweight in good shape that's within my budget might be hard, and I have no experience purchasing older firearms and would be concerned about buying something with issues.

I think my biggest criteria is still that it needs to be easy to carry, which makes that Savage lightweight appealing since it's 6Lbs and a 20" barrel. Biggest problem seems to be that every manufacturer is back ordered on new stuff.

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