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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
I really like lever actions but haven't considered one since it didn't seem like there were many options for an elk/deer gun as far as calibers go, 30-30 and 45-70 but is there anything between that will do both? .32 win spcl, .35 rem, how easy is it find (rifle/ammo), and is it enough for elk? I hadn't looked closely at the BLR's but those could work. Looks like the prices for used are pretty fair too.

I think my biggest criteria is still that it needs to be easy to carry, which makes that Savage lightweight appealing since it's 6Lbs and a 20" barrel. Biggest problem seems to be that every manufacturer is back ordered on new stuff.
I've got a .450 BLR you're welcome to shoot. There's 15 calibers to choose from if you go BLR. Weight will only help you be more accurate. You're only talking about a difference of about 1lb or so. People argue about old vs. new, but it doesn't really matter. The new ones have an aluminum (lightweight) receiver whereas the old ones were steel. The old ones look better IMO. They all shoot the same. Something like a .300 WSM is great, but a 30-06 is all you'll ever need. Most people who aren't gun freaks are happiest with whatever is the best deal. Something like this:

Everything I've ever taken big game wise has either been with an old Colt .243 or Parker Hale 7mm Rem Mag. The rest just sit there looking pretty.
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