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Default X-band repeaters

Originally Posted by 60wag View Post
I still don't see the big deal with the dual radio radio setup. Why not just scan two channels on a single radio? If you actually set it to do a cross band repeat, that'd be cool but then you need a repeater license if you leave it unattended.
In amateur radio, there is no separate "repeater license", your "Primary Station License IS your license to set up, activate, and operate a repeater, or even more than one repeater, (on Amateur Radio Frequencies ONLY)! The things that you have to make sure of, for a X-band repeater are:

1. In a cross-band repeater, BOTH inputs/outputs MUST be either on a pre-designated FM simplex, (see both the ARRL and local band-plans, if applicable), or repeater sub-band frequency. Both frequencies are alternately an input and an output frequency and they must NOT "splatter" into other "sub-bands" within either of the bands being utilized, or interfere with other repeaters, or other operators on other adjacent frequencies. You SHOULD discuss the setup of a cross-band repeater with the frequency coordinator for your area, and get your cross-band repeater COORDINATED, even if the operation is temporary, a coordinated repeater has "priority", in the event of a conflict with another, (uncoordinated), repeater, and the coordinator would be derelict if he coordinated your repeater on the same pair as another coordinated repeater. If a "SNP", (Shared Non-protected Pair) on each band isn't in use, you may decide to use them, or use half, (outputs ONLY), of one on each band, if your operation is temporary, just be absolutely certain that they're NOT "in use"!
2. In a cross-band repeater BOTH of the frequencies being utilized, MUST have the repeater identification sent in an acceptable fashion, (voice, MCW, [or both], in instances where FM voice is being used), as the F.C.C. does not "waive" the identification requirements under any circumstances.
3. You MUST have a means to render the repeater "inoperative" within three,(or is it ten?), minutes in the event that it is being interfered with, or is causing undue interference to other operations on the frequencies that you are using, or to adjacent frequencies that are in use by other operators, repeaters, etc. !
PS: I used to thain that I'd always want to only have single band radios, since : "If you send your radio to the shop for repairs, you're really missing two radios", then I acquired my first dual-band HT, an Alinco DJ-G5T!

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