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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
Those look really interesting. looks like there's even muzzleloader barrels available.

Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone. I wish I could shoot some rounds and figure out what I like, but with the info, I feel like if I make a purchase right now, it will do what I need and I can always add to the collection in the future.
I actually have a .307Win blued Encore I would make you a smoking deal on. It has open sights but I think I have some rings I'll toss in too. .307 Winchester is essentially the same as a .308. Mo better is I can let you play with it for a bit and see if a single shot break action is for you. I also have walnut stocks and a set of synthetic thumb hole stocks you can play with.
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I need an FJ40....
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Cruisers are superior
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