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well lets see... i have to say that this is actually going A LOT better than i thought. totally not the charlie foxtrot that buying the welder was. I've been finding quite a bit, and people have been extremely pleasant.

I've looked at six trucks thus far, three 7.3's, two 6.0's and a cummins. despite keeping an open mind to other options, thus far diesels are winning simply due to availability.

two of the 7.3's and one of the 6.0's were standouts as being exceptionally well taken care of and meeting all of my mechanical criteria to be acceptable for me. The cummins not so much. he thought the added guages were BY FAR its best selling point...

one of the 7.3's was a front runner in particular, while also being cheapest due to some minor body damage. if it either did not have the body damage, or was a crew cab, i'd be all over it even for a touch more money. replacing a clutch or something for me would be NBD, but bodywork is just something i don't want to deal with...

looking at another 7.3 and another 6.0 later today, both crew cabs this time.
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