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Originally Posted by FJBRADY View Post
How did I miss this?

Yes I do trailer my 40 with a 07 Tundra with the 5.7 V8 and it does great. I average 18 hwy empty. Tow to Moab 8 mpg at 75 mph, I get 11 mpg if I hold it to 65.

I have had the truck for three years with zero problems.
thats nice to know! i think one of those is going to be a bit out of my pricerange right now, but i'll keep an eye out. we also plan to only find a tow pig that will get us by for a couple of years, then buy something nicer new. one of these tundra's will be near the top of the list!

Originally Posted by SteveH View Post
Consider having a Ford dealer run an OASIS report on any Ford you're looking at. They generally won't hand you a printed copy, but they should tell you if scary things show up in the report. They should not charge you for this. The report tells of outstanding recall and service campaign issues as well as dealer-performed repairs.
thanks for that tip!
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