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Default Birfield/Aisin Hub Issue

I'm wrapping up the front axle rebuild and disc brake conversion on my 72' FJ40 and ran into a slight issue. The Birfield shaft appears to be too long and won't let the manual dial hub mount onto the hub body.

Here's where I'm at:
- I'm told all the conversion parts came off a Toyota mini-truck, Birfields & hubs as well.
- I installed the mini Birfields onto my 72' inner axles.
- After grinding the lower portion of the axle ball to accept the slightly larger Birfield, the Birfield bell appears to be fully seated inside the axle ball.
- All gaskets and brake backing plate were installed.
- There's about a 1/4" gap between the hub body and the snap ring on the end of the axle shaft.

My first guess is that I have the "short" hub and I need the "long" hub. I wasn’t even aware there were different size hubs until I came across a picture comparing the two. What vehicles came with the long hub?

My second guess was that maybe these new Birfields I have are 76'-78' as they are longer than the 79'+ Birfields. But that couldn't be as I did have to grind out the axle ball to accept the new larger Birfield. If it was 76'-78' then the 72' axle housing would have accepted them without grinding?
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