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Originally Posted by DenCo40 View Post
I just went through this exact thing. Currently I am installing late model Cryo'd birfs with short Aisin hubs. I have all the parts for it and just waiting for a nice day to change out the parts. I will be getting rid of my long birfs and long body Warn hubs when I am done. In case you are interested.
Long birfs 76-78 will not work with short body Aisin hubs as you can see. Long body Aisin hubs (pig hubs) are out there you just have to find them. One solution that you might be interested in that I saw on MUD, was to cut 10mm off of your long bifs and have a new C ring groove machined in.
Thanks for the link Jim, I searched MUD quite a bit last night but didn't come across that thread.

So that reconfirms my thought, the birfields I have are likely 76'-78' and will not work with the short lockout hubs. At this point I think I'll try and source some 79'+ birfields rather than stick with the older ones. 79'+ should be easier to find, they're more common as a trail spare, and I can keep my short hubs so they can stay out of the rocks. I may also trim down my current ones and have the new c-clip groove machined in.
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