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Default Hydraulic press in Lafayette area?

Hi folks!
I'll introduce myself first. I'm Jim, and I have a 96 Land Cruiser. I bought it last June and have since done a full rebuild on the engine. The engine had been oil starved from an improper front crank bolt torque. I finished up the rebuild and started her the first time on January 26. I'm breaking her in and have 360 miles on her. I'm really loving this hobby!
So that brings us up to today, where I need to press in some caster correction bushings I got from Slee with my 2.5" lift kit. I've tried my neighbor's 12-ton HF press, but I got scared about having that much pressure on a bunch of cheap iron and bad welds. I don't feel like witnessing 12 tons of energy released in a microsecond!
If someone has a press that can do the job, I'm more than willing to pay rental, either in real beer or beer money or whatever we can work out.
I really want to get back to driving this beast!

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- Jim

1996 FZJ80
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