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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Stainless doesn't rust and synth stocks dont scratch. Since big game hunting happens in the high country in late fall your gub will get wet and trees branches, rocks, and even your knife and other hardware on your belt will scratch the stock. Synth is also a little bit lighter and it absorbs a small bit of recoil.
Makes perfect sense. I guess I could just forgo the grief of scratching the heck out of a shiny new rifle and get something meant to absorb the abuse. I certainly won't be hunting from a truck, so it's going to be subjected to bumps, bruises, mud, rain and snow.

Speaking of seasons, I'm getting ready to do my license applications and my head is spinning with all the preference points - seasons - GMU's - ABC choices - leftover - over the counter - ... Anyone have advice if I'm planning to apply for both Elk and Deer but I'm open to several different units and seasons? I'm not real clear on the stats I'm seeing for the hunt codes and whether I would be wasting choices on the application. Also not clear about getting multiple tags by applying for the draw and purchasing over the counter.

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