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Default Valley of the gods?

Hey All,

Saw a pic of a camspite on mud, of a trip through Valley of the Gods in the San Rafael Swell. It looks awesome. Since the gang here seems to know all of Utah I figured this is the best place to ask.

Is it the sort of route that a solo car (hj47 troopy, stock) could go into & camp, or is it tough enough that you need a group? Also, are dogs allowed, or are they off limits? It seems like it would be cool to do a day or two of camping in there before Moab maybe.

Also, I've always wondered if there is a single, mega-book out there that covers all of the cool stuff in Utah in the areas around, "South eastern Utah" that everyone here seems to go to so often? You guys always seem to have the inside dope on all the cool stuff out there, and Erica & I always seem to go to the same places, just because that is what we know & don't know where else to go.

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