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Default OEM & OEM Replica Soft Top Bows for sale

Hi All,

I've got 7 sets of OEM soft top bows (Pakistani army bows, so they have the additional brackets/bracing for soft amby doors as well) & two sets of OEM Replica bows (additional soft amby brackets as well) for sale.

One set of the replica bows has been cut/sleeved & is currently held together with machine screws & could be run that way, but really should be welded up properly for best performance. The other replica set is uncut.

All oem bows are uncut, and range from being in really great shape, to needing some work & being best for a cruiser head with some skills.

I'm going to be selling from $600-$1,000usd plus shipping (depending on which set you want) for, "out of towners" that have to pay via paypal & I have to crate/ship. So for the local people here that can pay cash, I can sell them at $525-$925usd, again depending on which set.

They were sanded/primered in Pakistan, but the primer is mediocre at best. There is some rub wear & such from their time on the water, so there are some bare spots. You could spot treat, rattle can & run them if you like. If you have a nice truck, I would say go the whole route with sandblast & power or good paint. I'm going to spot treat & rattle can mine, as all my trucks are full of, "patina" & need a resto anyway.

IF anyone is intereted in more info, I'll post up some pics & such. Or, feel free to PM me or hit me up via e-mail as well.

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