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Originally Posted by spectre6000 View Post
How much would you take for the compromised set? Any viable trades? I'm two canyons south of you.
Hey Spectre,
By compromised, I'm assuming that you are talking about the cut/sleeved set. If I"m wrong, please let me know & I'll amend. As a point of clarification, people cut/sleeve these bows intentionally to save on shipping costs. They weren't damaged in any way. For a local, cash transaction (no paypal fees) I could sell that set for $525. Pics below for you, or anyone else that might be interested.

Name:  bows mounted - distance.JPG
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Name:  Replica Bows - rear.jpg
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Name:  Replica Bows Rear 2.jpg
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Name:  Replica bows - Door & channel.jpg
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Name:  Replica Bows side view.JPG
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Name:  Replica Bows side view 2.jpg
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