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Default No Turn Signals after Radio Removal


So, I had to remove my new Stereo yesterday for issues with the actual stereo. When I was diagnosing the issues with the stereo with a Crutchfield consultant, I removed several of the LC fuses to make sure the issues were not with my vehicle. After I got the stereo out, I went for a drive and now have NO TURN SIGNALS. I, again, checked the truck fuses and they look fine.

To add to the story, I have heard some weird clicking sounds in the past month or so when my turn signals are on. The flasher in the foot board sounded like it was "clicking" way faster than the blinker on the dash display.

Any ideas? I consider myself an electrical midget, so I'm not sure where else to check. Could doing anything with the stereo have anything to do with the turn signals? Also, if a flasher fails, do the turn signals completely not turn on, or do they turn on and not flash? I believe when I had this happen in another vehicle, the light would turn on, but it just wouldn't blink.

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