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Originally Posted by LARGEONE View Post
The flasher in the foot board sounded like it was "clicking" way faster than the blinker on the dash display.
While there may indeed be some additional noises under your dash, the relay flashing faster than the lights is impossible. There may be a delay between the incandescent bulbs and the audible clicking, but that's the most that can happen to that effect.

Originally Posted by LARGEONE View Post
Any ideas? I consider myself an electrical midget, so I'm not sure where else to check. Could doing anything with the stereo have anything to do with the turn signals? Also, if a flasher fails, do the turn signals completely not turn on, or do they turn on and not flash? I believe when I had this happen in another vehicle, the light would turn on, but it just wouldn't blink.
What vehicle are we talking about? In older Toyotas (40 series), when something was wrong with anything in the flasher circuit either the lights would come on and stay on (not blink) or not come on at all (in the event of a burnt fuse, say). In newer trucks the turn signals will flash double time or not at all if there's an issue.

It's very possible that a wire was knocked loose, something was bumped and shorted, etc. First course of action should be to look around and see if anything is obviously amiss. Failing anything obvious, find the wiring diagram for this particular vehicle and isolate the circuit (or post link a hi-res file here and I'll run it through Illustrator and highlight the important bits for you). Once you've isolated the circuit and components thereof, break out the multimeter and go to town.
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