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Originally Posted by thefatkid View Post
Make sure you plugged in your hazzard switch.

I can almost guarantee we have a winner. Because I am expecting a new stereo in the next day or so, I did not go through the trouble of hooking up all of the switches. The hazard switch is not currently hooked up. So, if this would cause my issue, then this is definitely makes sense, but i didn't even think about the fact that not having the Hazard switch in line would prevent the signals from working...makes sense since the Hazare lights would take precedence over the turn signals.

I knew there were much smarter people than me on this forum that would be able to say (without saying it, of course)...."You forgot to hook up the Hazard Switch!!!"

Thanks, Guys!

And, if that is not the problem, I'm sure UB is right!!!

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