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Whew. Just a week or so away. Glad the weather is looking good. My friend Dan will be with me this year. He likes me to drive fast and take chances. But, that's not gonna happen. I did fix the air leak on my front locker. So that's working now. And I'm in the middle of fixing a real axle seal leak. I should have that done by the meeting tomorrow. We plan to arrive just before dark Thursday pm 3/14/13 (encase anyone is confused on the date).

I will talk to Zepp and figure out who he has identified for trail leaders and what trails he may need us to check out. People need to know what trails they are leading. So we can start talking about who needs to run what and put some plans together.

I know Dave K. and I will want to visit the lot next to slick rock at put a site plan together. I usually like to run flat Iron Mesa, which is across from BFE like we did last year. I want to run that at CM perhaps next year so we will need some leaders for it.

More to come.
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