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Default Home brewing gear

I have a bunch of home brewing gear I'm looking to sell if anyone is interested. This is a great beginners set up. It has a lot more than you would get in a off the shelf kit and is just about everything you need to make a batch other than the ingredients.

Here's what I have:

Plastic fermenting bucket with lid
7.5 gallon glass carboy for first ferment
5 gallon glass carboy for second ferment
Air locks
Large funnel with screen
large stainless steel boiling kettle
Immersion wort chiller (these work great)
lots of cleaning supplies and sterilizing agents
carboy brush and bottle brush
racking and bottling tubes
bottle capper and caps
bottle and carboy washer that attaches to your faucet (these are handy)
some extra sugars and additives, gypsum, etc.
I'll throw in some brewing books as well.

I never kegged, so I have lots of bottles and some growlers, which worked great. I preferred the swing tops with replaceable/sterilizable seals to regular bottles and caps. They are heavier glass, slightly higher capacity, look better. I have over 100 swing top bottles, most of which are porcelain tops and brown glass. There are mostly Altenmünster Brauer Bier and Grolsch with a few odds and ends. Some of the Grolsch are green glass. There's enough here to have several batches going at the same time. Porcelain top bottles are getting harder to find and can cost a couple bucks apiece. (Edit: just looked on Ebay and porcelain swing tops are going from $2 - $10 apiece average, so I guess I undervalued them).

I know most folks prefer to keg, but bottling has some benefits too. Makes it a little more portable, easier to gift, easier to save a few if you want to age/cellar them. They can be a pain to clean compared to a keg, but the bottle washer I'm including makes quick work of it.

Was asking $250. New Price: How about $200 for everything?

Here's some pics.

Bottle/carboy washer and fittings:


Lot's of bottles:


'85 FJ60
'91 Pickup

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