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A HUGE thank you to Nakman for putting this all together!!

That was a lot of fun and sure beat sitting in a confernce room

I learned more than I thought I would, including how to use my Jac-Kof...Lots of puns flying around last night about that - I appreciated Christo showing us just how versatile that thing truly is along with what the straps etc are for! If you missed the demo then you might want to ask someone to show you what went into the design. If you are like me and thought it really was just to attach your hi-lift to an ARB, you need to see a demo.

I also like the discussion about storing and transporting a hi-lift. Christo's idea of breaking the hi-lift down and carry the "guts" inside the vehicle was one of those "Why haven't I thought of that" moments

I'm really looking forward to next months meeting. Again, a HUGE thank you to Nakman for thinking this up and putting it together! You are a great asset to the club!!!!

And thanks to everyone for bringing out the heaters...Including Subzali who brought out a full size patio heater in his 40
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