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Well, I ended up looking at 19 different trucks, mostly 7.3psd's but several others as well and it was a pretty darn interesting experience.

i saw more than a couple of overpriced old trucks, a couple of nice trucks, some really good bargains on old work trucks, and mostly met a bunch of really nice people with a couple of notable exceptions.

this morning i met up with a really nice young guy, who's taken exceptionally good care of a 99psd crew cab that i think will do a great job serving as our familys big rig. he's leaving town for a couple of weeks and we will finalize the sale when he gets back. very stoked! we've never had a diesel so this will be kind of new and different for us.

thanks again everybody for humoring me with a non-yota vehicle vehicle discussion and i really appreciated the feedback and food for thought. it was really helpfull in getting the ball rolling for me.

Tim M Hovey
1950 cj3a: FJ60 Axles, brakes, and steering, Willy's
sheetmetal and a Buick engine, held together with
metal from the scrap yard glued together in a garage in
Louisville and dragged around behind a F350 Diesel.
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