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Originally Posted by akingf5371 View Post
Okay, I'm still down then. So question, I know Kevin said it didn't really matter, but what should I bring? I have the 40 which is stock but with 4" lift and 33x10.5 BFG MTs, or the '10 4Runner which is a 3" lift with 33 Duratrax, all stock besides that.. I worry about the salt on the roads driving back with the 40, but I'd imagine the 40 would make the narrowness easier. Thoughts?
Adam, If you have rear locker in runner you may want that truck. the trails are not to tight so no major scratches, but allways a possibility. I take my FJCruiser up there and never had any problems. This should turn out to be agret run if we get the snow they are predicting. Dan
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