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Originally Posted by FJCDan View Post
Adam, If you have rear locker in runner you may want that truck. the trails are not to tight so no major scratches, but allways a possibility. I take my FJCruiser up there and never had any problems. This should turn out to be agret run if we get the snow they are predicting. Dan
The locker will help, but the 40 not having IFS will help more. On my 4runner, the front end "floats" up on the snow like a boat, way worse than the SA guys do, and I lose front end traction, which, even having the rear locked doesn't help. On the other hand, if he has a 2010, it will be a ton heavier than mine, so likely will not float as bad.

I think it'll be a toss up, and in the end, the 40 is a classic ride! I say, go for the 40!

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