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Default SBC Conversion CO Emission Questions

First Post...I hate to start it off this way, but I'm in a pinch.

I am currently in the process of a SBC (TBI) conversion on my 1973 FJ40. I just ordered the EZ body harness and was about to order a Howell TBI Harness when a question arose. What to do about the emissions?

I currently live in El Paso County which does not require an emissions test. However, I plan to move to an area this spring/summer that does require one.

Since I will eventually (in 5 years when I have to renew the collector plates) have to get an emissions test, I am wondering what emission/smog items I will need to pass emissions? Right now, I don't have or know anything as far as emissions go. Are there parts I need to get from the U Pay U Pay yard from a donor TBI vehicle?

Any help will be more than appreciated.

(I'll post some pics when I get a chance)
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