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Originally Posted by spectre6000 View Post
They still test if you want regular tags (which I prefer), just not as thoroughly.
I don't really follow that you find that as a preference. i can understand not wanting your vehicle to be a polluter and choosing to maintain the emissions equipment, by why would you 'prefer' to have 'the man' look up under your rigs skirt once a year and decide if she's good to go or not??

fwiw, i'm not knocking your choice, its yours to make. i just don't get the upside that you see with it.

i am ALL ABOUT the antique plates. they look cool, you save your own time and money by not having to do the emissions test, my libertarian sensibilities love not having to subject to a government agency for approval, you can do what you want with your motor, and you don't have to worry about registration for 5 years at a pop.

i suppose some could see the 5 year reg as a downside, but it doesn't actually cost anymore assuming you keep the rig for 5 years.
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